Why is free music important?

Pricing your music right from the start can deny you followers. You see, free music gives many people the opportunity to listen to your artwork at no cost. Nobody is willing to spend money for an unknown artist because they don't know if they will dance to the rhythm of your songs. Digital music sales are incredibly low and people are more likely to stream it than buy it, so make the music free.

While the band's status and the quality of the music ensured sales figures, it was the free download option that caught the public's attention. An article recently published in Digital Music News about Tunecore found that most artists earn less than the minimum wage selling music online. Debates may continue about the morality of accumulating free music, but the reality of the situation is that music revolves around the producer and the consumer, and “the music industry will not survive without mutual respect and a spirit of cooperation between both parties. Many people believe that music should be free, and that this would be beneficial for both music fans and the musicians themselves, since artists would have more listeners who would appreciate their work.

The cumulative effect of being able to get more music for less money (or no money) is that every consumer listens to a ton of music. Especially considering that the sales figures for digital music are not very high, making your music available for free gives you the opportunity to increase your sales of other products. One of the most debated topics these days is whether recorded music should be freely available for listening and downloading on the Internet.

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Allan Seeberger

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